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Post a Nursing Job

Elizabeth Archer


When looking to temporarily booking or hiring a nurse, the most common thing that comes to mind is posting a job. But with the volume of nurse job boards that exist where is the best place to post a nurse job? How much does it cost? And what is the most effective way to post a job?

How to Post a Nurse Job

Before posting your nurse job, it’s important to start with the basics. The first thing you’re going to want to do is create your job description and job advertisement (or job ad).

For your job description, we recommend using this sample nurse job description that we created. It leverages best-practices for attracting nurses to apply to your job, as well as uses SEO to ensure your job appears at the top of the results on job boards.

Here is a step-by-step process for posting a job:

  1. Write your job description
  2. Assess the different nurse job boards from the list below
  3. Determine which job board best matches your budget and needs
  4. Post your job

Where to Post Nurse Jobs

We mentioned that there were several nurse job boards, now we’re going to help you narrow them down to the ones you should be using to post your jobs.

When selecting a nurse job board, it’s important to keep total reach and specialty in mind. Indeed and Glassdoor will be great locations to have a wider reach as those job boards have a huge network of nurse candidates. Generally, we recommend using those job boards as they have a longer track record for success, but feel free to experiment with other specialty job boards for nurses that we’ve listed out below.

indeed: Cost to Post a Job - Free to $100+ (varies)

Indeed is a free job board. It’s a great resource to reach a high volume of nurses. However, to get the best value, it may be necessary to sponsor your job on Indeed to get additional reach within their network.

Monster: Cost to Post a Job - $299

Monster is one of the oldest job boards available but not specific to nursing or healthcare. We’ve gotten mixed reviews on the effectiveness of using Monster to post nurse jobs.

Glassdoor: Cost to Post a Job - Free to Post Your First Job

Glassdoor is a leading site for posting jobs and finding job related information. With over 100,000 open nurse jobs, it is one of the most popular websites for hiring nurse and healthcare staff.

Medely: Cost to Post a Job - Free to Post Jobs

Medely is the best platform for posting your per diem and short term nurse assignments. It’s an instantaneous network for filling nurse jobs. You can easily reach a wide network of nurses looking for short-term gigs. You can get started by clicking here. Cost to Post a Job - Contact for pricing to post nurse jobs is a job board specifically for nurses. They claim to have one of the largest networks of nurses, but keep in mind they are owned by AMN Healthcare, a nurse staffing agency.

NurseCareerBoard: Cost to Post a Job - Contact them for more information

Nurse Career Board is a site for posting your jobs as well as a resume database. You’re able to search through different resumes in the database, as well as have nurses who have registered with their site see your job listing.

CareerBuilder: Cost to Post a Job - $375 per job

Careerbuilder is one of the oldest and most popular job boards. It’s generally used for corporate jobs, but still sees a huge volume of healthcare web traffic.

LinkedIn Cost to Post a Job - $495

LinkedIn is regarded as one of the premier professional networks. However, due to the cost of posting a job and their overall market, we do not recommend LinkedIn as a top resource for posting a nurse job.

Jobs2Careers: Cost to Post a Job - Pay Per Click

Jobs2Careers was a popular job board, but since have evolved their talent platform to Talroo. It’s touted as a more intelligent job advertisement platform that should help your facility find better nurse candidates. Cost to Post a Job - $299 per job

With over 200,000 active members, and over 500,000 job board searches, is a great site for posting your nurse jobs.

Final thoughts: Post a Nursing Job

Posting a nurse job is a straightforward process that is essential to hiring nurse staff. As mentioned above, make sure to create a job description for each nurse role and build a structured hiring process.

If you need to make immediate hires and can’t wait for staffing agencies, or job boards to come through, then sign up for Medely. Medely allows you to post a job for free and fill that role within minutes from the active network of nurses available.


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