Even with the healthcare industry poised to grow with an aging population–nearly 1 million job openings for healthcare professionals as of July 2019–it’s still beneficial and in some cases necessary to utilize a recruiter in order to keep up with staffing needs in your healthcare facility.

In today’s ever growing world of technology, there are several options when it comes to picking a recruiter to meet the needs of your clinic. This is especially true for alternative recruiting solutions that have helped to mitigate costs, save time, and improve efficiency.

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Below are some tips on how to find a nursing recruiter and some viable alternatives made possible by today’s innovations.

How to Find a Nurse Recruiter

Events and Conferences

From annual events with the American Heart Association to terminal spotlight expos that occur once in a decade, there are thousands of nursing conferences, events, and expos around the country that bring together different members of the healthcare community. These expos and conferences usually highlights guest speakers, research, or innovations in the medical field and are a great informative resource as well as a place to make connections.

One of the things you want to look for in a healthcare recruiter is how close they are in the industry and their track record. And one of the best ways to identify committed, well-connected recruiting agencies is through an expo, conference, or healthcare event. This ensures not only that you’ll have access to several recruiting agencies, but that they will likely be committed to the health industry and the changes that go on within it.

Nursing Recruiters by Region and Location

One of the most important things to establish about a recruiting agency before you integrate them into your healthcare facility is the region and locations in which they are most prevalent in. Does the agency specialize in a particular region? A particular state? Are they able to fulfill employment at a national level?

Of course, you want to make sure that a recruiting or staffing agency can fill positions in your area and in the facilities that require staffing. But just because a staffing agency or recruiter sates that they can fill needs in your locations, you should make sure that their track record also speaks to that. Some recruiters have more leverage, marketing outreach, and networking in different cities or states. Finding a recruiter who’s well established in your region will ensure you’re optimizing your staffing needs.

Medely and Per Diem Recruiting

One of technology’s greatest innovations in the recruiting world comes in the form of per diem recruiting. Per diem recruiting is an alternative recruiting solution that allows nurses to book shifts directly to your facility on a shift-by-shift basis. And one of the leading per diem recruiting platforms is Medley.

Medley can help improve your staffing needs in three ways that traditional recruiting agencies can’t.

First, Medley will save you money. Unlike recruiting agencies, who typically get paid a percentage per candidate, Medley requires a flat-rate price that will save you 40% more than traditional agencies.

Second, you don’t have to wait on recruiters to fill your needs. As stated before, the medical field is continuing to grow, and there are more and more nurses who want to control their own schedules and work on a shift-by-shift basis. Medley’s average time-to-fill is minutes, as opposed to the days or weeks it takes standard recruiting agencies, and Medley will ensure you’re not wasting any time getting qualified nurses into your facilities.

Lastly, you can increase efficiency with Medley. Nurses can book shifts directly to your healthcare facility through the Medley app or website. Medley’s accreditation system and secure background checks ensure that the nurses in your network are qualified and have the necessary background/experiences to do the job.

Medley is committed to making your search for qualified nurses easier than ever by eliminating the middle-man and allowing you to directly bring in top nurses around the country.

Increase efficiency, save time and money, and allow Medley to let high-quality nurses come to you. Expand your capabilities with Medley and sign up for free today.