Buying a gift for anyone in your life can be tricky. It’s a great way to show someone you appreciate them, but how do you know what’s appropriate, what they won’t like, and what they’ll love forever? If you think about other aspects of your loved one’s life – career, hobbies, collections – it can make the job of selecting the perfect present a little easier.

Research has shown that the number of registered male nurses in the U.S. has more than tripled since the 1970s, and the number grows bigger everyday. If you’re struggling to find something for the male nurse in your life, worry no more. Below, we’ve put together a list of fantastic gift ideas for those boys in scrubs – from the practical, to the sentimental, to the silly.

List of Gift Ideas for Male Nurses

  1. Scrubs to live in – treating your loved one to a set of special scrubs will show him that you know he works hard doing what he loves. Garments that rival the cheap generics will have him looking and feeling great on his rounds, and he will thank you for it. Useful, practical, and long-lasting, you can’t miss with a pair of decent duds. We recommend: the Apex Scrub Top from Medelita, the Jogger Scrub Pant from FIGS, and the Dickie’s Advance Scrub Jacket, available on the Dickie’s website.
  2. Coffee, coffee, coffee – Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Nurses work long hours and need all the fuel they can get. A gift card to his favorite coffee shop, or even a hi-tec coffee maker (if you feel like really spoiling him) is sure to put a smile on your male nurse’s face. We recommend: the Keurig Classic Coffee Maker and the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewing System, both available on
  3. Great gadgets – It’s amazing what wild tech is out there once you start looking. Dongles, devices, and digital accessories that you didn’t know you needed are just waiting to be found. Many marketed towards nurses are designed to keep you safe, sterile, and organized after a hard shift. We recommend: the Tile Bluetooth Key Tracker, and the Cell Phone Sterilizer, both available on
  4. Tools of the trade – Your loved one likely already has a collection of specialty tools and supplies to help him out on the job. But hospitals and clinics operating on a tight budget often invest in quantity over quality by stocking lots of the generic version of a given item. Give your male nurse a leg up by treating him to some high-quality equipment. We recommend: White Coat Trauma Shears, and the 3M Littmann Classic II Stethoscope, both available on
  5. Study guides for the fun of it – If the male nurse in your life has a creative side, anatomy and physiology coloring books can be a fun and relaxing way for him to keep his terminology and his understanding of human anatomy sharp and ready-to-go. Colorful reference cards can also double as a handy cheat as well as smart and artsy decor once they start to wear out. We recommend: Netter’s Anatomy Guide Coloring Book, and Tillotson’s Anatomy Flashcards, both available on
  6. Boozy accessories – We all need a stiff drink after work every once in a while. Nursing themed drinking glasses inject some fun and joviality into an evening libation, while poking fun at an often stressful career choice. Even if your loved one avoids alcohol, a fun or cheeky design on a quality cup will feel at home in any china cabinet. We recommend: Nurse Heart Tattoo Beer Stein from, and this Stemless Funny Nursing Wine Glass, available on
  7. At-home leisurewear – It can be easy for nurses to forget that they are not their job. Even after they get home and take their scrubs off, nursing is just a hard skin to take off. Get your male nurse some comfy clothing he can wear around the house that will help him chill out while he’s off the clock, and (hopefully) off his feet. We recommend: the Everyday Superhero Tee from JAANUU, and the Nurses are Magical Unicorn Tee, available on
  8. Your love and appreciation – The work nurses do often goes underappreciated and unthanked. While nursing is a job that requires you to be selfless and altruistic, this doesn’t mean you don’t ever want to receive a token of someone’s appreciation. Consider making a gift for the male nurse in your life that will show him just how much he and the work he does means to you. It doesn’t have to be a big gift to have a big impact. We recommend: this DIY Chill Pill Candy Jar, and this Spa Gift Card Hand Sanitizer basket, both shown on

Whether you’re prepping for a birthday party, giving a graduation gift, or doing some annual holiday shopping, our list will help you find the perfect gift for any male nurse, at any price point.

Medely is a nurse staffing company that helps nurses get into positions that work with their schedule, leaving you more time to curate your professional closet.

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